What is Anti bariyer19Textile?

What exactly is Anti Viral Textile?

Anti-Viral application is really a technological innovation that protects textile products and solutions from enveloped viruses and hazardous microorganisms and retains your mask clean and thoroughly clean. This software creates a nano-degree protecting layer on the textile surface area. This defense layer is bonded towards the textile floor by very robust molecular bonds; It doesn't get faraway from textile by washing or Actual physical Get hold of. When specified kinds of viruses or destructive microorganisms appear into contact with this surface area, the membrane layer that shields the organism is wrecked and ineffective.
Bariyer19 delivers superior-tech textile products with Anti-Viral and Anti-Microbial effect, ideal for everyday use and industrial needs.
Bariyer19 could be the Anti-Viral material manufacturer of Emedteks Tekstil.

It is a War !!!

The pandemic attributable to the SARS-CoV-two virus proceeds to threaten the well being of humanity as one among the biggest epidemics in background.
Our aim would be to support the war of humanity.

As Emedteks Tekstil, we aid the combat towards the epidemic with our study and scientific approach.
Our Barrier19 Anti-Viral fabrics, which we generated because of our R&D studies, ended up tested with SARS-CoV-2 according to EN18184-2019 criteria. It has been established that our Anti-Viral fabrics destroy the SARS-CoV-2 viruses on it at the speed of ninety nine.ninety nine% within the initially two several hours inside the scope of EN18184-2019 conventional. This entire course of action was carried out with our group of engineers and important experts of our country.

How BARRIER19 Removes Viruses?

Barrier19 won't use hefty metals for example silver or copper though waging this war against viruses. Barrier19 includes a technology that does not migrate by cloth and it is biodegradable. As a result, it does not harm the atmosphere and human wellness.

The infectivity of enveloped viruses is dependent upon the presence of their envelope and in the event the envelope constructions are destroyed they turn into inactive.
Barrier19 targets the fatty layer on the viruses and mechanically breaks down the membrane construction, Hence terminating virus activation and deactivating the virus.
What are the benefits?

Bariyer19 Anti-Viral Fabrics, washable masks, workwear, all the clothes we have on in everyday life, sheets, curtains, property textiles, upholstery fabrics can be used with the desires in the well being sector As well as in almost every subject from the textile field. Now, all textile solutions we touch in lifestyle can be generated as Anti-Viral. Goods product of Anti Viral fabrics usually do not lose these properties even immediately after lengthy wash cycles.

The framework or look on the fabrics and products you see, dress in and touch all over you won't improve, they are going to only attain a whole new aspect. You could Assume you are wearing an anti-viral version of yourcasual or enterprise outfits. It may even guard you from quite a few differing types of enveloped viruses and hazardous microorganisms, Specially the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

• Analyzed with SARS-CoV-2, powerful effectiveness has been proven.
• It's been verified that viral exercise is diminished by 99.ninety nine% inside two hours with its anti-viral element.
• With its anti-microbial attribute, it destroys damaging bacteria and safeguards the hygiene of the textile product or service.
• It decreases the potential risk of secondary infection.
• It does not go away withrepeated washings, as well as anti-viral characteristic proceeds its continuity.
• It's odorless and colorless,improves the consolation from the textile floor.
• The substances utilized comply with the eu Biocidal Solutions Regulation.
• Chemicals employed T.C. The Ministry of Wellbeing has a Biocidal Solution License.
• Conforms to Oeko-Teks one hundred Expectations
Turkey with the duvet-2 (EN 18184-2019) Tested and Good results Supplies 1st Mask: BARİYER19

R & D work flat out and prolonged within our benefits we develop anti-viral material has become examined and accepted for the first time in Turkey, Based on EN 18184-2019 normal testing world.

EN 18184-2019: Dedication of anti-viral activity of textile goods.

Bariyer19 is tested via the Investigation Middle with ISO / IEC Regular 17025: 2017 TURKAK and ISO / IEC Standard 17025: 2017 NAC accreditations.

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